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EduusASN Business Accelerator offers comprehensive services to empower small and medium-sized businesses to succeed. Our services include business consultation for business entry in ASEAN countries, limited partnership establishment, ESG/Sustainability services, and real estate investment. Let us help you succeed in the ASEAN region with our professional and reliable services.


Outdoors Meeting

Business consultation in ASEAN Countries

Business Matching between entrepreneurs

Legal Advisor in Business Entity

Strategic Location Advise for Business Setup

Limited Partnership Establishment

Funding Advisory

Venture into Potential Business

Business Roundtable Forum

Legal Handshake
Green Plants

ESG/Sustainability Application

ESG/Sustainability Implementation

Risk & Impact Assessment

Legal & Law Advise in Factory Operation

Real Estate Investment 

Below Market Value 30% Real Estate Introduction

Law Entity Advise for Foreigner Purchase in Malaysia

Mm2H Application for Foreigner in Malaysia

Real estate agent
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